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More than 20 years of Providing High Quality Tourism Management Software Systems

Established in 1982, started as a private software house under the parent company of Formula Vision Technologies, Ltd., specializing in the development, marketing and implementation of computer applications for the air transport and travel industry markets for the use of airlines, tour operators, tourist services and distribution networks. Formula Vision is a Managing holding company for emerging companies who develop and promote Proprietary IT Solutions targeting International Markets. The Formula Group is one of the largest software groups, operating internationally.

Now, Formula Travel Solutions, Ltd. (FTS) is a leading technology company, providing advanced software solutions for the travel industry. Tour operators, wholesalers and airlines use the company’s products, as smart marketing and management tools, creating competitive advantages through technology.

FTS has earned its reputation through its commitment to high quality products, excellent service and customer satisfaction. All team members are experts in their fields; listening carefully to their customers' needs. With over 20 years of experience in travel management, technology and software development, FTS has provided its worldwide customers with solutions that have enhanced their businesses and improved their positions in the market. FTS has accumulated vast and valuable know-how and experience in information systems, state-of-the-art technology in airline and travel industry commercial operation. Their expertise and products are successfully distributed on five continents.

FTS has earned its reputation as a leading software house by its commitment to the development of high quality products, such as the AMSYS 2000, an airline management system for low-cost and charter airlines; and the TOPAX Management, a complete platform of integrated products, providing solutions for all business and operational requirements: management, distribution and connectivity. The TOPAX major breakthrough in travel management has helped companies transform their businesses into powerful distribution platforms, inventing new possibilities and providing them with a truly competitive edge.

FTS is a Formula Group company; a global software group with more than 4,000 professionals, providing a broad range of IT solutions and complementary services to customers in more than fifty countries. FTS is represented by three offices including Area Sales and Regional Sales.

FTS clients include: Asian Trails, Turismo Thai, C.C.T. Corporation, Federal, Travex, Jet Tour, and I.T.C., all of Thailand; Israir, Aviation Links, , Sky International Tours, Holiday Lines, Arkia, Isram, Amiel, Open Sky, and Caspi Aviation, all of Israel; Valuair and Kenair of Singapore; Pegas of Russia; Sata Air Acores of Portugal;; I Explore of Australia;; and Cairo Express, Destination, Eastmar Tours, Escapade Travel, Gezira Travel, Midland, Sakkara, South Sinai, and Travco, all of Egypt and NOUVELLES FRONTIERES of France

FTS is partnered with IBM, and Microsoft and is also an Extraordinary Member of the European Regional Airlines Association (ERA).

Honda To Conquer The Skies

The sky is the limit! And Honda Motors has already announced its plans to accept sales orders in the U.S. for their very first jet, the HondaJet. Honda made the announcement at the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture 2006.

Honda also announced that they have plans to enter the aviation industry and to build a business alliance with the co-developer of the HondaJet, Piper Aircraft Inc. Honda Motors and Piper Aircraft will work together and collaborate on sales, services, and development in the general aviation business. Complete details on the collaboration of Honda and Piper Aircraft were, however, not included in the announcement.

The first public world debut of the HondaJet took place at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture 2005 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The EEA AirVenture is the largest annual aviation gathering. The HondaJet was built using the latest technology in the aviation development industry, the patented over-the-wing engine-mount configuration, a natural-laminar flow (NLF) wing, fuselage nose, and the advanced all-composite fuselage structure. The said features were the innovative output of a 20-year aviation research of Honda Motors. Some say that the HondaJet was an aircraft version of the Honda Civic.

Satoshi Toshida, Senior Managing Director of Honda Motors said: “Aviation has been an important dream of Honda for more than four decades. Our goal is consistent with the philosophy of other Honda products -- to provide convenient and efficient transportation that will make people’s lives better. We are excited now to enter a new dimension of mobility. In Piper we believe we have a partner we can collaborate with in our effort to bring new value to customers in the very light jet market.”

“Honda is a company with a rich heritage of bringing high quality, innovative products to market. This business alliance is a perfect fit given the commitment both Piper and Honda have to providing our respective customers with world-class products and services. Piper is very excited about this alliance and the way it complements our vision for the future,” said James K. Bass, President and CEO of Piper Aircraft, Inc.

The HondaJet’s main specifications include a 7-seater capacity, two GE-Honda HF118 TurboFan engine, and maximum speed of 778 km/hour (420 knots), 12,497 operational ceiling, and a range of 2,037 km. As of the moment, the development of HondaJet by Honda Motors and Piper Aircraft is still ongoing. Moreover, Honda is currently building automotive products such as Honda motorcycles, cars, and other Honda Civic parts in 13 manufacturing plants in the U.S. and other regional subsidiaries.

About the Author
Terry Brown is a 32 year old from Houston Texas, and an enthusiast for anything auto-related. He currently writes auto-related articles for several publications.

Florida Sun n Fun

The vacation rental villas in the Kissimmee and Orlando area experience an upturn in renters around this time every year, with those magnificent men in their flying machines turning up in the sunshine state to enjoy a whole week, wallowing in their hobby.

This week in Florida,12th -18 April, the annual Sun n Fun event takes place in Lakeland.

Hundreds of private pilots and anybody with an interest in aviation generally will be attending the event at Linder Regional airport at junction 22 of the I4.

Many will not even attempt to visit the major theme parks of Disney and Universal, instead driven by the vapour and heady smells emitted from the mighty engines and sleek lines of these aircraft will spend days visiting the event, so much on offer and every aspect of aviation and avionics will be covered.

The Sun ‘n Fun fly-in, has been promoting aviation safety through education for more than 29 years. As they prepare to celebrate their 30th anniversary, you are invited to join them and experience their annual convention held each April. Our event has grown to become the second largest aviation convention of its kind.

There is something here for everyone. Its an opportunity for the kids to get out of the pool at their Florida villa rental and get close up to these “birds” a day out from the theme parks.

More than 450 workshops and forums are available to our guests. They are informative, educational and, quite often, entertaining. Many offer the novice an opportunity for hands-on experience and the expert an outstanding refresher course. Each day has a full schedule of events.

A daily air show is scheduled to keep those who enjoy airplane noise thoroughly entertained. If you are more for a quieter entertainment, be sure to stop by the Florida Air Museum at Sun 'n Fun. Our museum is open all year long.

As we begin to focus more on our year-round programs, we hope to have many opportunities for future volunteers. There are many volunteer programs that meet different schedules and commitments. You can volunteer for a day, week, month or all year.

If you share the love of aviation, come, join the fun, volunteer and become part of the family. We are sure you will find it a very rewarding experience.

Events are planned around the festival including a trip to the orange groves and a visit to the factories to see how one of Florida’s assets, the orange, is turned into the juices enjoyed by millions throughout the world.

So if you are in town and at a loose end at your vacation rental villa hop in the car and head for Sun ‘n Fun less than an hour from Mickey and Minnie at Disney.

About the Author

Herman Nuncrush, 58 year old ex London cabbie lanquishing in the Florida sun

Dubai Airlines

Dubai, prospering from near-record oil prices, plans to invest $20 billion to create a company that will lease planes, develop airports and make aircraft parts to tap into growing demand for air travel in the Middle East and Asia. The family ruled emirate, which owns the largest Arab airline, may buy as many as 50 wide-body aircraft from Boeing and Airbus in the next four years, said Rashid Al-Malik, project director for the planned company, which will be called Dubai Aerospace. "It's not surprising Dubai is moving into these activities because the whole focus of the aerospace industry has shifted eastward in recent years," said Doug McVitie, managing director of Arran Aerospace, a forecasting company in France.

Mr. Al-Malik said Middle Eastern governments including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar had ordered as many as 300 aircraft for delivery in the next five years and Dubai Aerospace would order its first this year.

The Dubai Government at the weekend announced the formation of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise as a holding company with six operating subsidiaries.

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise will be chaired by Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al Maktoum, chairman of the Emirates airline group and president of the Dubai department of civil aviation.

Dubai's ambitious foray into the aerospace industry will build on the presence the emirate has already established in the aviation sector through the development of Dubai international airport and the rapid expansion of Emirates into one of the world's leading long-haul airlines.

The business concept here is to create a new hub for aviation, from the leasing and maintenance of planes to training personnel at a new university to operating other airports and even manufacturing aircraft. It clearly makes excellent business sense to lever off Emirates position as a major buyer of aircraft to promote the DAE to the aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus.

About the Author
Written by H. Stephanoff.

The Value of Airplane Accident Claims

Airplane accidents are devastating tragedies. Almost every year, these accidents become the headlines of news stories. In all cases, lots of lives are being taken which brings trauma to their surviving dependents. Losing you love ones from such incidents is really a painful experience. So, if you’ve lost a relative or you’re a survivor of such accident, you can file an aviation accident claim to recover compensation on the pain and suffering and financial crisis that you’ve gone through.

Based on researches, the assistance provided to survivors and family members of death victims are based on the type and place of the accident. In the United Stated, smaller airplane accidents that happen outside the country provide limited financial assistance to the victim’s beneficiaries. Major aviation disasters, on the other hand, that happens in the U.S. can include a complex interaction of state and federal law, or international law.

Fortunately, airline companies are given certain post-accident requirements in the federal law that they have to follow. These include setting up of family support services including grief counseling and support; designating individual caregivers to assist each family; working with families to identify and return remains and possessions; and setting up a communications network with families. Every survivor or the relatives of the victims of an airplane accident can obtain these benefits as aviation accident claims.

Additionally, smaller commuters and commercial air operators also have their own assistance response plans in case of an airplane accident. There are also a lot of persons and institutions you can contact for help and assistance such as the Red Cross and other agencies including law enforcement agencies, representatives of companies who may be involved in the accident, representatives of insurance companies, lawyers who represent victims of accidents, lawyers who represent the parties involved in the accident, and the news media.

Indeed, every airline company has a professional responsibility to all their passengers in every trip. As we all know, many lives are at risk during this time and we cannot avoid these things to happen. After all, airplane accidents are unanticipated. They can happen anytime. I just hope that the injured and relatives of the victims can receive the compensation that they deserve. After all, these airplane accident claims can never bring back the lives of those persons and cannot totally compensate to those who have suffered intense pain and suffering due to the incident.


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Uk Airport Car Parking

on holiday can sometimes be quite stressful, getting everything together,
have we got this? did we remember that..? etc.. There are however some
websites and services out there which can greatly help you. Most people
will have heard about airport car parking, but how many fully know just
what a hassle saving and money saving service it really is ?

Take for example our experience leaving from one of London’s busiest
airports, Heathrow. For the past eight years or so my family and I have
gone on holiday from Heathrow airport and left the job of arranging parking
for our car to the very last minute, by this I mean we would organize
all our other holiday things then drive off to the airport and organize
our parking then, just before we departed. On a couple of occasions we
have had near misses when we thought we would not be able to get into
the car park we always used. The last time we traveled was in August 2005
and on that occasion we did NOT get into our usual car park, we could
not believe it, we panicked, what are we going to do now?, our flight
leaves in 3 hours or so! The car park security officer directed us to
another car park and thankfully we got parked, but we ended up paying
a lot more than we usually did. Anyway after this ordeal I decided to
see what we could do about this on our return.

Straight away I found
(ACP) , a small portal of sorts which arranges car parking,
airport hotels, airport lounges and just about everything you might need
when planning for a holiday. I could not believe what I was seeing, this
site showed me all available car parks at Heathrow
airport (and all other UK airports by the way) and compared
the online price against the “drive on” rate, which we had
been paying for about the last eight years!! Instead of paying the whole
parking charge on airport, now I have the option of booking my parking
bay and then parking my car at an unbelievable 45% less
of what it used to cost us. I don’t even want to work out what this
could have saved us over the years.

But that’s not the end of it, it’s not just about saving money,
from this site I can see all security measures in place, I can also read
previous customers feedback which is extremely important when trying to
get a unbiased opinion and it also gives me peace of mind knowing that
my car parking space is reserved.

For me personally security of an airport car park is
one of the major requirements and from this site you can see all security
measures in place such as security fences, barrier controls, manned
and CCTV surveillance. In fact the car parks shown all had the
AA/Police gold standard award for security.

I booked online for our holiday this year, I saved money, I definitely
got my parking space and I know my car will be secure and well looked
after. I also got my airport parking voucher instantly online and by email
with full directions and a telephone number to call, what more could I
ask for, an absolutely fantastic car parking service, why didn’t
I do this before? You’ll find car parks both ON and OFF the airport

Worthy of a mention also is the
fact that you can book car parking in conjunction with an airport
hotel. Again with an easy online booking system, you can reserve
rooms within your budget and get parking packages. The
beauty of booking airport hotels with parking is that you can arrive the
day before your flight and start your holiday a day early, this is especially
useful for people who have a long way to travel to the airport. I was
also amazed at just how little extra a hotel room cost with a parking
package as apposed to car parking alone. You can choose from 3
or 4 star hotels and as with airport parking you will receive
instant directions and contact details by email.

Also this year we’ve opted
to book into an airport
lounge. I’d never thought of my family and I going into an airport
VIP lounge before, but on the site it showed me all options of Executive
lounges we could use. With a whole range of facilities like TV, complimentary
bar, newspapers, magazines, snacks, phone and fax – the lounges
are the best places to reclaim your peace of mind just before take-off.

No doubt about it this site has saved me a lot of money and in fact it
has also increased the pleasure of our holiday by giving us a lot less
hassle and worry. The fact that we will be using an airport lounge this
year will add to the enjoyment of our holiday also, so a big thanks to

Supporting and Facilitating the Aviation Industry - IATA Distance Learning

IATA distance learning programs provide flexible learning modes for students who want to achieve their personal and professional objectives but are too busy to pursue regular full time courses. The courses harness the potential of the latest technology to reach out to students and enable them to study anywhere, anytime and at their convenience. These courses are categorized as Aviation, International Travel and Tourism or International Cargo Agents courses. A number of specializations are offered under each category. Most of the courses are designed for senior managers, middle managers, supervisors, and technical staff.

Course Content

The IATA distance learning courses under the Aviation category relate to financial accounting, marketing, airport operations, cargo marketing, customer service, air transportation and station management. The international tourism and travel courses aim to empower its students with relevant skill in the area. These include courses at the foundation level, managerial level, consultancy level and senior management level. Courses on global distribution system fares and ticketing and on travel agents marketing are also offered.

The Cargo Agents category offers an introductory course and courses such as cargo rating, dangerous goods regulations at the initial and recurrent levels and a specific Cargo English distance learning course. The registration for all IATA distance learning courses is valid for 18 months and students can take only one examination per examination session as the examinations for all the courses are held on the same day. The exam can be attempted twice if the examination sessions fall within the registration period mentioned above. The enrollment is cancelled if the student fails the examination twice.

Training Institutes

The IATA Training and Development Institute has a large collection of management and skills courses for those interested in the aviation industry. The International Academy of Travel offers a course on IATA Approved Online Galileo GDS. The ICS Learn courses are endorsed by British Airways and are designed to give travel agents a through understanding of flight requirements, rates and ticketing issues. The course enables the students to gain points for the internationally recognized IATA point system. Travel Agent Education offers IATA distance learning courses under the categories Independent Agent, Airlines, Cruise, Tours and Travel Agents. Each category has 12 courses which have to be completed to get the career certification. The IATA/UFTAA programs are jointly offered by the International Air Transport Association and the United Federation of travel Agents Association. The courses are designed for those who wish to make a career in the tourism industry.

If you are keen on making a career in International Air Transportation services, these courses are just designed for you. You can take them at your own pace and place!

Jim Zorn is web master of the Guide to Distance Learning. Please visit to learn more about online colleges and universities, distance learning degrees, majors and courses offered.