Saturday, March 17, 2007

Uk Airport Car Parking

on holiday can sometimes be quite stressful, getting everything together,
have we got this? did we remember that..? etc.. There are however some
websites and services out there which can greatly help you. Most people
will have heard about airport car parking, but how many fully know just
what a hassle saving and money saving service it really is ?

Take for example our experience leaving from one of London’s busiest
airports, Heathrow. For the past eight years or so my family and I have
gone on holiday from Heathrow airport and left the job of arranging parking
for our car to the very last minute, by this I mean we would organize
all our other holiday things then drive off to the airport and organize
our parking then, just before we departed. On a couple of occasions we
have had near misses when we thought we would not be able to get into
the car park we always used. The last time we traveled was in August 2005
and on that occasion we did NOT get into our usual car park, we could
not believe it, we panicked, what are we going to do now?, our flight
leaves in 3 hours or so! The car park security officer directed us to
another car park and thankfully we got parked, but we ended up paying
a lot more than we usually did. Anyway after this ordeal I decided to
see what we could do about this on our return.

Straight away I found
(ACP) , a small portal of sorts which arranges car parking,
airport hotels, airport lounges and just about everything you might need
when planning for a holiday. I could not believe what I was seeing, this
site showed me all available car parks at Heathrow
airport (and all other UK airports by the way) and compared
the online price against the “drive on” rate, which we had
been paying for about the last eight years!! Instead of paying the whole
parking charge on airport, now I have the option of booking my parking
bay and then parking my car at an unbelievable 45% less
of what it used to cost us. I don’t even want to work out what this
could have saved us over the years.

But that’s not the end of it, it’s not just about saving money,
from this site I can see all security measures in place, I can also read
previous customers feedback which is extremely important when trying to
get a unbiased opinion and it also gives me peace of mind knowing that
my car parking space is reserved.

For me personally security of an airport car park is
one of the major requirements and from this site you can see all security
measures in place such as security fences, barrier controls, manned
and CCTV surveillance. In fact the car parks shown all had the
AA/Police gold standard award for security.

I booked online for our holiday this year, I saved money, I definitely
got my parking space and I know my car will be secure and well looked
after. I also got my airport parking voucher instantly online and by email
with full directions and a telephone number to call, what more could I
ask for, an absolutely fantastic car parking service, why didn’t
I do this before? You’ll find car parks both ON and OFF the airport

Worthy of a mention also is the
fact that you can book car parking in conjunction with an airport
hotel. Again with an easy online booking system, you can reserve
rooms within your budget and get parking packages. The
beauty of booking airport hotels with parking is that you can arrive the
day before your flight and start your holiday a day early, this is especially
useful for people who have a long way to travel to the airport. I was
also amazed at just how little extra a hotel room cost with a parking
package as apposed to car parking alone. You can choose from 3
or 4 star hotels and as with airport parking you will receive
instant directions and contact details by email.

Also this year we’ve opted
to book into an airport
lounge. I’d never thought of my family and I going into an airport
VIP lounge before, but on the site it showed me all options of Executive
lounges we could use. With a whole range of facilities like TV, complimentary
bar, newspapers, magazines, snacks, phone and fax – the lounges
are the best places to reclaim your peace of mind just before take-off.

No doubt about it this site has saved me a lot of money and in fact it
has also increased the pleasure of our holiday by giving us a lot less
hassle and worry. The fact that we will be using an airport lounge this
year will add to the enjoyment of our holiday also, so a big thanks to