Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Gravity Prevention Anchors for Warfare

Military research is working on some pretty great technologies. Of course one of the coolest things they dream of is beating gravity. That’s right Anti-Gravity, imagine the benefits to NASA, military aviation and construction. We could build tall buildings, bridges or even Pyramids.

Anti-gravity as a weapon makes sense too. For instance take your enemy and raise their tanks and infantry up to about 100 feet? Then if they still try to fight you, well, just turn it off and they fall to the ground and splat, you win. And any army equipment dropped from 100-feet is hardly usable to the next set of enemy troops, which find broken bodies on the ground and squished military equipment, which looks like pancakes.

Not then with this technology soon to be here we must remember that our enemy will also have these technologies soon enough and thus we must prepare to counter such an ominous use over the force of the physics of gravity. I therefore propose we develop gravity anchors, which will shoot into the ground and keep the vehicle from falling or floating into the sky. All personal at the point would be advised to put on seat belts or hang on for their lives until the anti-gravity weapon device stops. Since such an antigravity device will need lots of energy chances are it cannot be used for very long. Once the enemy turns it off, you simply unhook your anchor. A good design for the anchor would be a pointed cylinder with pop out hooks. When deployed it will be shot into the ground out the bottom of the tank or vehicle straight down from the center of gravity into the ground, at which point the side hooks will be immediately deployed sideways. When picked the side hooks will retract and then the anchor will be with drawn back into its tubular storage system. This technology is only about 10 maybe fifteen years away, so we need to start thinking here.

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