Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Can Airbus Survive

Apparently Airbus is having a very tough time competing in the world free market against Boeing, as it is getting slaughtered this year by a three to one margin in aircraft orders. At Farnsborough Airbus did not do well and that they are also looking at the cancellation of nearly 10 eight 380 Airbus super airliners.

Airbus in their need to be going for the largest aircraft decided to build the super whopper A380 and aircraft one could say would be a great opportunity for an international terrorists strike, as he can hold up to a thousand people. With all these major setbacks and extreme debt in her best is looking to be bailed out again by the European Union.

This just shows that free enterprise and free markets with real competition for world markets makes the most efficient and competitive companies on earth. What is Airbus doing now, well now they are trying to copy Boeings Dreamliner concept, because airlines are looking for more efficient aircraft, which are lighter and get better economy. It is hard for an airline to make money with an aircraft that holds nearly 1000 people. If the airliner is not full the cost to run that airliner make things extremely difficult.

The European Union has used regulations to try to help Airbus over Boeing in many European markets, but any and airlines must live the most efficient aircraft if they truly wish to make a profit. Boeing is being very competitive in building efficient fuel economy aircraft and Airbus has missed the bus and some people in the aviation industry are now calling them Airhead, although maybe they would be better off building ground transportation; that is to say buses with air-conditioning. Consider this in 2006.