Friday, January 19, 2007

It Is Time You Discover Aviation

How often have you told yourself that you should do more in life? How often have you thought about changing your life circumstances and never acted upon that impulse? Or maybe you have thought about all the reasons why you can't do better for yourself. Stay with me, the subject of the article will reveal it self as you continue reading.

Purpose of life
Well... be assured every Dick, Joe and Harry has a different idea of what the purpose of life is, some don’t think about it and some just enjoy what ever life has to throw at them. These are the people that really enjoy life as they act on impulse and really live life to the fullest. These are the people who don’t sweat the small things while saying "every thing is a small thing". These are the people that live the extreme not because they are adrenalin junkies (well... maybe also) but because life is just too short to worry about every little thing. We have a limited time on planet earth and the one purpose that you should have always in mind is to live your life like there is no tomorrow!

Its maybe hard to think there is no tomorrow as we have gotten accustomed to waking up every single day for years without giving it a second thought. But remember... some don't! It happens every single minute of every single day to someone in the world and it can happen to you too! When it does... wouldn’t you want to say to yourself, I have lived life!

Think about it… I lived life! So… what does living your life mean! In one word - happiness! If you are happy, truly happy, you are one step ahead. Some people know they are not happy and most of us are unhappy without even realizing it.

Reflect upon your life and ask yourself – “have I done everything I wanted to do?” The answer is probably NO! The fact of the matter is no one ever accomplishes every single thing he wanted to do in life but the question is; have you started doing everything you wanted to do? Don’t think… “Well… there is plenty of time”, remember… tomorrow may never come!

What holds us back? FEAR! Fear is the main reason people don’t live life! People living in fear continuously ask themselves the following questions and give these sorts of questions too much weight: What if I fail? What will my friends say? What if people laugh at me? What will my boss say? What if… what if… what if… it is endless! The most important question is never asked: What if there is no tomorrow? Nothing is more important than your happiness!!! Sure, if you can bring happiness to others as well, great! But your happiness must materialize before you can bring joy to others.

What you should and shouldn’t do?
It is important to remember that you live in a certain time frame and all that matters is that time frame! Let’s clarify this statement with an example: Consider yourself a person living in the year 1610. You are working for a living accumulating material artifacts (life stock, house, tables, chairs, etc.) and speaking the language of that time. Now return to the present and think, how many of those material objects are here today? Is the language the same? The answer is NONE and NO! None of the material objects are here or are of any use today and the language has changed as time passed.

Simply put, your possessions are rented! You use them while you live and leave them when you die, thus they are of no importance what so ever! The only thing that really matters is what you did with your life to make yourself happy and understanding that whatever you do today will have very little impact, if any, on the future. Even if you have contributed to something in the future you will never know about it, thus it is irrelevant to think about it.

Comprehending you are living in a certain time frame and living one, and only one, single life should wake you up by now! Living your life to the fullest, experiencing and tasting everything life has to offer is what you should do NOW! You must take action NOW and not wait for tomorrow!

You may have always wanted to ride a horse or drive a fast car or climb the Everest or sail around the world or skydive or learn to fly or dive 30m under water or wind surf or write a book or fly a micro light........ well the list is endless.