Friday, January 19, 2007

Recreational Aviation 101

While the majority of hobbies include physical activities like swimming and running, there are more exciting pastimes that leave many people in awe. Aside from board games and other leisurely pursuits, the newest trend is recreational aviation. To everyone's surprise, recreational aviation is not only open to everyone, but it is extremely exciting and possible to learn how to fly a plane.

If you are the type of person who is a thrill seeker and loves to push boundaries, recreational aviation may be your new favorite hobby. Although it does involve extreme studying and a lot of instructional lessons, you could easily get your aviation license in a fair amount of time. For any adventurer, flying a plane could be the newest high. The adrenaline that rushes throughout your body when you excel into the sky is the most exhilarating moment for any newcomer. For this reason, recreational aviation is on the rise.

When you sign up for aviation lessons, you must know that the age requirement is sixteen. This number generally surprises people, as you’d think that teenagers can barely drive a car, let alone an entire airplane! Another surprising factor is that the only other requirement consists of a medical checkup from the Aviation Medical doctor. With barely anything holding you back from participating, it is a very easy process to start your aviation training.

When you first start your classes, you will go on an instructional flight. Here the instructor will tell you about the ins and outs of flying, as well as things that may go wrong when you are in the air. While it is terrifying to think that something could happen, it is imperative that you know what to do in life threatening situations. Once the instructor shows you what you’ll be doing throughout the course, you will learn about aviation supplies and aircraft supplies. Aviation supplies are important to know because if you do not know what makes up a plane, chances are you won’t be able to navigate it.

With a David Clark headset in hand, your instructor will guide you throughout the lessons. For most beginners, it usually takes a good amount of time before you are able to fly solo. Once your instructor is confident that you know about aircraft supplies and technique, he will send you on a long flight. In order to obtain a recreational aviation license, one must complete at least thirty hours of air training. Although this does not sound like a lot, the majority of aviation students work hard at learning everything, even if it is simple things like aircraft supplies and David Clark headsets.

Recreational aviation is an exciting adventure for anyone who dreamt of being a pilot when they grew up. We all thought about flying airplanes and taking long flights to exotic destinations. Who knew that we could actually accomplish that? Even though programs tend to be very expensive and charge by the hour, there are training schools that will help you pay for it in installments. Unexpectedly, a lot of flight instructors will even take your budget and tell you how much you can get done. It is fascinating to think that anyone with a dream and skill can complete recreational aviation training. In some ways, this is a terrifying thought!