Friday, January 19, 2007

Private Jets for Luxury Traveling

The aviation industry has had a boom for quite some time now. Air travel is growing cheaper and more comfortable by the day. Private jets have made their own contribution to this boom. Private jets offer extremely fast and comfortable travel options, both to business travelers and to those looking for luxury.

Private jets offer a smarter alternative to a fractional ownership option, which has been popular for quite some time. Private jets allow the passengers to relax, or to work during travel. Passengers can have the food of their choice, drink their favorite wine, and get off the plane as fresh as ever.

Service offered to private jet travelers:

Service in private jets is excellent. Most jets have their owners’ favorite chefs cooking the food they like, stocking the alcohol they like, and well trained flight attendants. In addition to this, in private jets one can sit anywhere; fly anywhere, at any time. This is one reason that business travelers prefer private jets. With most businesses going global, the business leaders of today have to travel everyday at the spur of the moment from one part of the globe to another. They cannot afford to wait for a seat to be secured with a commercial airline.

Hassles such as these are eliminated when one has the option of a private jet. It also allows business travelers to hold meetings, spend time with family, and prepare for important business proceedings. Multiple security checks are not necessary, nor are long queues to unnecessarily hold up anybody at the airport.

Luxury travelers:

For the super-rich, commercial airlines are a discomfort they can do without. Private jets are the other alternative. Private jets can be decorated any way the owners prefer. The jets can be fitted with all the luxuries required. If one can afford a jet, it offers a lot of value in terms of comfort level and ease of travel. Movie stars, sports players, and celebrities are always hounded by publicity, so private jets can help them avoid all that attention while traveling. Besides, the pressure of social life leaves little time for them. Such travelers can relax in a style that they are used to living in, onboard a private jet.

Getting a private jet:

Private jets can either be bought or rented. The option does not depend much on cost of buying/leasing. Jet planes need hangers and many staff to maintain them while they are on the ground. This is why some people prefer to rent a jet when they think they need it most, and then return it when the need is over. Business travelers in corporate companies usually prefer to buy the private jet, as they have many people at top levels who keep on traveling all through the year. For luxury travelers who take fewer trips, renting is a better option.

Private jets also offer better safety, as they follow all the norms prescribed by the international aviation authorities. Private jets are an adequate means of travel for both business travelers and luxury rich travelers.