Friday, February 16, 2007

Airplanes are the Best Form of Travel Around

Just like many of you I love to travel. The thing I hate to do when going on a vacation or a trip is to waste time getting there are do not like hassles at all. For these reasons and many others I like to use airline travel as opposed to the other forms of travel.

I am not a fan or car rentals because really who wants to sit on a nasty dirty seat after some slob sweated his filth and sunscreen and other unmentionables all over the drivers seat. Aside from the fact that nobody treats rental cars with respect they are not all that much of a deal. First you have to pay for the car rental and the insurance if you so choose, but then you have to pay for all of the gas to get where you want. I have a car and do not want to take it on long drives so why in the world would I want to drive someone else’s car on that same trip. I have added up a whole bunch of trips and the gas alone would cost more than the flight would and a cab ride to the hotel. As for the time the drive takes, if I have a week to vacation I do not want to spend three of those days just trying to get back and forth, unless there are good things to do on the way.

I am more of a fan of trains than rental cars but still they tend to take a while to get there, they are not all that cheap and you still have no car when you get there. The train is basically a slower plane, sort of but not really. I am not against other people but the longer that I am stuck crunched up with strangers the more happiness drains out of me.

Planes are great. The airline fares are relatively cheap, they are faster than anything else and with the exception of the possible layovers, which you can choose to forego when booking, they are hassle free. Many people are scared to fly because of the chance of crashes. I am not all that worried about them to begin with but those are the same people that feel safe on a train or in a car. I can speak for myself only, but cars are probably the most dangerous things on earth and I feel uncomfortable driving down the block. The pilots are trained to operate the planes but regardless of having a driver’s license the average driver has no idea how to keep proper control over their vehicle.