Monday, February 19, 2007

Planning your travel using Air Charter

Many people around the world are still not familiar with Air Charter Travel and you will now find that there are many aviation service providers around that offer air charter planning along with many other facilities such as special air services, over fly permits, aircraft chartering, flight clearances and technical landing. These providers offer chartered air flights for not just executive business travel but for personal holidays also and by offering such planning they will ensure that your holiday or business trip begins and finishes on a high note.

Certainly more and more people are now looking at air charter planning when it comes to traveling. Most find that this type of service offers them an abundance of air travel options to select from and most of the air charter planning services available are done on a global basis and can be a cost effective option for both companies and individuals. There are a number of benefits which customers of air charter planning will enjoy such as security, convenience, multiple aircraft options and alternate airports. Certainly security is not an issue where air charter planners are concerned as they have direct control of your passenger list. Also by having the air charter service carrying out the planning of your trip this will also save you time. Such planners will have available to them a myriad of aircraft both large and small (which can accommodate anything from 1 to 1,000’s of passengers).

Finally, air charter planners also have access to hundreds of airports, so rather than flying consistently into the busiest cities around the world you can choose to go to a smaller, less congested airport or field.

You will soon find that all charter plane planners have a very close working relationship with aviation suppliers and this makes it possible for them to offer their customers a wide variety of services which include on ground support as well as high tech maintenance of the planes that they use.

Also air charter planning provides not only services for individuals, corporations (companies), meetings, sport’s teams and many government agencies you will find that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Allison Thompson, now living in Spain who has set up a site with her husband Mark concerning air charter travel following the recent increase in security at airports. If you would like to learn more regarding
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