Saturday, February 10, 2007

Things To Know About Air Travel

While traveling by airplane is perhaps the fastest way to reach your vacation destination, it is not without its share of unpleasantness. Being aware of the common problems passengers of airplanes complain about and knowing how to deal with these can surely make your flying experience a little less disagreeable and perhaps even pleasant.

A vast number of those who partake in air travel complain about the lack of space on airplanes. Having to accommodate a profitable amount of people can often cause space limitations on airplanes and dealing with this lack of space is difficult for some. Having an isle seat is ideal if you need the legroom as it allows for stretching, but keep in mind these seats go very quickly. Many people find that traveling with a friend can help to alleviate some of the personal space invasion some people feel.

Many people get air sick on airplanes as well and while this experience can seem utterly unavoidable for those of you who are prone to motion sickness, there are ways to evade the effects of air sickness. Taking a motion sickness drug before hand can help but it must be taken before you get sick. Once sick, the best thing to do is perhaps to try and empty your stomach as this usually makes one feel slightly better. Most, if not all, planes are equipped with "barf bags" in case you do get sick.

Many other factors on airplanes contribute to the experience being less than enjoyable for some. The air quality on planes is significantly lower than it is at sea level. The air in the pressurized cabin is usually extremely dry and as such can cause great discomfort and possibly dehydration for many of the passengers. Thus it is advised you bring a lot of water with you on the flight and continue to drink it throughout. The temperature can also be rather cold and it is suggested that bringing a light coat onboard would certainly be beneficial.