Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tips for a convenient, safe and smooth flight journey

There are many important things by considering which you can easily make your air travel more easy, convenient and smooth.

1. You should select your seat before you fly

The worst thing is to arrive at the airport where they only have a middle seat and you like to have a window seat. So try to book the seat online because nowadays almost each airline has its website whereby you can get online seating chart to choose from when you book your flight.

2. You should discuss your meal options before you fly

If you are a vegetarian or have your own special dietary needs, you should talk with your travel booking agent so that the airlines could make some adjustments. Some airlines also have the option whereby you can state your personal menu requirements online at the time of booking.

3. Its better if you bring your own snack food

If you carry your own snack food with yourself it would suit you in case you don’t favor the snacks provided on board.

4. You can carry water with you

If you have your water along with you it would be great to dehydrate yourself on a flight to re-hydrate yourself on a flight and it is so important for your health too.

5. Try to move in the cabin

If you stretch your legs and move about in the cabin when you can and staying mobile for hours on one end wont do any wonders for your muscles.

6. See for yourself

If you are wearing contact lenses then it would be better if you wear glasses while in the flight as your eyes will dry out and become red because of the altitude.

7. Take your shoes off

Your feet shall swell during the flight and as such it would be great if you give them freedom and room but you should not take off the socks unless you get some feedback from the cabin.

8. One tag at a time

You should not leave your previous flight baggage tags on your baggage.

9. Wear comfortable clothing

You should wear comfortable clothes and the best suggestion would be a t-shirt and comfortable loose pants.

10. You can even bring some games

It might be possible that there is no movie or music arrangement in the flight and as such it would be in your favor if you bring some entertaining games with you.